Founded in 2005, Mold N' More set out to improve the lives of people by providing innovative solutions to hidden chemical and biological hazards many are exposed to on a daily basis. And we now offer revolutionary cleaning agents (disinfectants/decontaminants) for larger facilities currently used by the Biopharma industry and others.

Hidden Hazards

From deadly Aromatic Hydrocarbons like Benzene and Toluene off-gassed by fires and underlying Staphylococcus bacteria hidden within turf fields to deadly Mold Mycotoxins, Meth Amphetamine damaged homes and chicken farms plagued by Avian Influenza, the unique chemical formulation of EasyDECON has the remarkable power to neutralize them all. And recently, EasyDECON is now used as an industry grade cleaner for larger facilities in the Biopharma industry.