Crystal Clean®

Available in 4 Gallon Kits


Crystal Clean is a commercial methamphetamine decontaminant based on a decontamination and disinfectant formula developed by Sandia National Laboratories under grant from the US Department of Energy. It consists of three separate components that when combined, serve to break the bond between the methamphetamine contaminant and the affected surface, allowing for easy removal.

Crystal Clean’s powerful, patented technology enables remediators to apply the product in the form most appropriate for the surface being cleaned, whether that be as a liquid, foam or fog. This increases the ability of the user to reach all areas effectively and ensures proper coverage and saturation within a quick and efficient application. Test results show that after the appropriate ‘dwell time’, a fresh water rinse and wipe down, extraction or vacuuming with a wet/dry vac removes all contaminated substances.



  • Specifically engineered to lift contaminants off surfaces and capture them for removal

  • Formula includes surfactants and mild oxidizers that are common in household cleaning products

  • Significantly reduces remediation costs – time, materials and manpower requirements

  • May be applied as a liquid, foam or fog using commercially available equipment

  • Water use can be significantly minimized when applied as a foam – less water damage, staining and runoff

  • Unique, patented technology

  • Inherently biodegradable

  • Easy to mix and apply

  • Validated effectiveness


Crystal Clean Part 1 SDS 2015

Crystal Clean Part 2 SDS 2015

Crystal Clean Part 3 SDS 2015

Crystal Clean Specification Sheet